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The Cacao Experience


Join me on a path to love, presence and connection through The Cacao Experience. My mission & souls passion is in creating a supportive environment for you to meet all aspects of yourself in deeper levels intimacy.


This body/mind experience of exploring the muli-dimensional aspects of self connection will provide a foundation to enhance all other relationships in your life with truth, presence and new found pleasure. 


As an innovator in the realms of intimacy and relationships, a master facilitator and educator, I have the opportunity of working globally to assist clients in navigating everyday intimacy and create thriving connections.


As your spiritual midwife, we will journey into the environment of ceremony & the transformational power of a circle. Here we will cultivate a profound relationship with self and enter into partnership the plant of Cacao/Raw Chocolate.


Through these practices and ceremony we will open into a supportive, energetic merging to access your authentic body wisdom, clear away emotional suppression, and re vitalize presence and love in your experiences for life.  


Together we will journey into the places of your personal shadow to uncover your creative potential. The result is a clear focus in which you are opened to your own creative source and clearly grounded into living life sensually alive with greater spontaneous joy, happiness and pleasure!



My name is Tziporah Kingsbury and I am a senior facilitator, international transformational leader and intimacy and relationship educator.

As an intimacy and relationship expert, seminar leader and public speaker I have the opportunity of working globally to assist clients in awakening spiritually, sensually and sexually.

Author, of the upcoming book Revolutionizing Intimacy, Navigating Connection in a Disconnected world with over two-decades of experience, creator of the Redefining Intimacy Method™, I specialize in guiding consciously-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and couples to awaken their spiritual, sensual and sexual aliveness, so they can create profound relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom.

My vision is to embody and support others in cultivating an unprecedented level of presence and radical aliveness, be it in their private or professional life. 

I have founded my own institute to house this body of work called “Redefining Intimacy,” where I mentor others  in how to alchemize their intimacy with self and others through the power of ceremony, communication, breathwork, mindfulness, inter-relating skills and cultivation of their sexual/spiritual connection. 

I excel in crafting experiences that are playful as well as progressive, and always body rather than intellect-centric. 

I am passionate about pioneering new edges of being with others and with unwavering presence follow this calling with a full throttle investment and fierce commitment. I believe this intensity of devotion and joy is what is needed at this time in the world: in our families, communities and on the political stage. 


Personalized Ceremony for friends, family, Partners & Business

Watch for Monthly community ceremony or ask to be on my mailing list for updates in your town. 

To Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Session go to http://www.tziporahintimacy.com/contact-us/


What is The Cacao Experience

In these 4 hour cacao ceremony you are invited to set intention, breath deeply, explore your multi-dimensional self and feel the cacao melt through the body and open the gateways to transformation. 

 In each journey we will combined the gentle heart opening qualities of ingesting raw cacao from Ecuador in a special Mayan influenced elixir with Integrative breath work , various solo and dyadic processes, forum, somatic work, meditations and sound.

Ceremonies can be meditative, deeply transformative and sensually activating nature depending on the intentions set and what you need in the moment. 

The Food of the God/dess cacao has been used for approx. 3000 years and cultivated for ca. 1500 years. Originally brought up from s. America (equator region) to central America and then fine-tuned by the Olmec culture (near Palenque and Villahermosa). Simply stated, cacao is and has been the black Gold of the Mayan people. Treasured and valued like money, even being a currency until the mid 1800's throughout Mexico and even on the African continent.

No other food is made up of more individual compounds, delivers as many benefits, alters our consciousness in a gentle way and affects our moods like cacao. With over 300 individual ingredients, cacao is the number one source of anti-oxidants as well as magnesium, high in iron, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin c, it helps us to release dopamine, endorphins and serotonin (a natural anti-depressant), opens our heart and has the ability to heal old emotional traumas. The bitterness of this medicine supports cleansing of the liver and emotional qualities of anger. As it opens the doors to other possibilities and to gain new perspectives.


We can easily deepen our meditative focus, opening , connecting, expanding, clearing and releasing in our heart space. Cacao is gent and sensual in approach, raw cacao can present you with a door to other realms- yet doesn't push you through and is a marvelous heart-centered cooperative partnership facilitator.

Suggestions - Guidelines and Medical precautions

These guidelines are recommended for people to follow, in order to have the highest experience possible, based on my experience and that of my teacher. Individuals with MS, severe heart conditions, and individuals on certain medications such as anti-depressants, are advised to check with their physician before attending a ceremony, as well as letting me personally know of any existing conditions. 
Prior to attending 

- No mao's for 24 hours, 
-no hot tub or sauna/steam/sweat lodge 24 hours before or after, 
-no heavy meal (only light salad) less than 2 hours prior to ceremony, 
-no coffee or caffeine for 4 hours prior to ceremony (preferably none on the day of the event)

When we choose to receive the plant of the cacao, it is as if meeting a Beloved. We prepare ourselves with gratitude and appreciation for the essence. Remember in doing so , we are offering the gift of presence to our own physcial bodies, higher being and greater awareness to life itself, for the many gifts. 


What Other's Are Saying

"I am Grateful for the Medicines of both the Spirit of Cacao and Breath that Tziporah has been guided to share. With Tziporah's ability and awareness to hold Space for participants to Journey, great transformation is possible. Her Gifts of Facilitation are valuable beyond words."Giving Thanks to you Dear Goddess~ may many be guided to and Blessed with the experience of your work. aloha 

-Shama Smith, Sedona Arizona Graphic Designer,Raw Vegan Chef/Earth Maven 

"Thank you Tziporah for the beautiful heart space you created for us all last night. I can feel it uplifting my spirit to new heights today and activating so much love and appreciation for this time of awakening on this planet. It is all in divine flow. The Cacao Experience was beyond my expectations. What a beautiful medicine. 

- Clint Sky Carlton - Vancouver BC

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